New product in 2013: dp-hardware-migration tool eliminates Stop 0x0000007b errors! Info & Download
Update in 2013: ABaClis USB Windows PE Boot stick with new USB3.0, IDE,AHCI & SATA RAID drivers
New product in 2012: dp-Copy freeware a cool folder copy tool! Info & Download

Get the best hard drive clone tool called Abaclis-Powercopy for all Windows based operating systems since Windows 98 up to Windows 8!

Abaclis-Powercopy Hard Disk Imager is faster than all competitive programs. German PC-Magazin tested Abaclis Powercopy in 2008

There are three ways available to create a backup. Three ways to restore a computer.

Extremely fast and ultra flexible full system backup solutions for IT-Professionals providing a perfect image quality beyond the limitations of MS-Windows.

Extremely fast: Backup / restore or disk copy a basic Windows XP installation in 30 seconds, Vista in 45 Seconds!
Ultra flexible: Full scriptable. Disk to disk, partition to partition, disk to image-file, partition to image-file and disk erase*) functions. Restore from CD/DVD or using a DOS is available too. Even the disk copy using network or a parallel cable is supported*).
Perfect image quality: 100% accurate images or disk copies, the most true image you can get. 100% bit exact disk image compare available too.
User tools beyond the limits of MS-Windows: CTRL+F10 Format an external harddisk up to 2000 GB using FAT32 file system in seconds!
* requires version ABaClis-Powercopy.

DiskCopy Create Image File of an entire hard drive Create an image file of a single partition Copy one harddrive to an other, but protect if from being accessed by OS file system Clear unused data space! Clear entire disk or partition region Protect Disk: Use same Computer at work and at home
HD copy HD to image Partition to image HD special Backup "wash" HD HD erase Shield disk
via Powercopy Cable via Powercopy Cable via Powercopy Cable

Professional CLONE
Professional PLUS

backup Windows Server 2003

Disk backup clone feature set:.
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unique feature list
disk functions online help file

Information for IT-specialists

Information for non IT-specialists

Festplatten kopieren

This feature is available at:

HOME : Powercopy(PCpy) Home Clone(disk-image/restore only)
BUISINESS : Powercopy Professional Clone(disk-image/restore/clone only)

EXPERTs, IT-professionals and entersprise users:

Powercopy Professional PLUS (all features)
Powercopy Prof. Restore (all, but no image creation festure).

Easy file transfer even between different DOS and Windows computers: Logical file transfer peer to peer feature using the Powercopy parallel cable! more info

Dateien kopieren mit dem Powercopy Direktverbindungskabel

This feature is available at:

Powercopy Professional PLUS (all features)
Powercopy Prof. Logic (this feature only).

Copy, clone, image, wash, protect and erase hard disks! Move partitions, extend partitions....

Information on backup/clone features for IT-professionals:

Why is Powercopy extremely fast!

Because our self developed compression algorithm just needs 20 processor clocks in average to compress one byte!

Why we copy more save than others!

Three copy modes:

  • NEW Turbo copy mode: Unused clusters/data on disk will not be copied.
  • 100% forensic copy mode(sector by sector): In this mode Powercopy does not analyze file system! Perfect to copy defective hard drives, before using any disk filesystem repair tools.
  • 100% copy mode plus wash disk: In addition to above source drive partitions will be washed before creating such disk images.
  • 100% verify available. No problems in restoring a disk image.


Starting from ~45 US$. We are a fair-minded company. We will get an agreement in case of enterprise/volume licensing.

We are more flexible than .... Because...

... Powercopy runs at most PC-operating systems! Even as 16 Bit application in Dos/WfW/9x/ME or as a 32/64 Bit application in Windows NT4/XP/200x/Vista... using the same user interface!

... we even support boot from a single floppy disk if required!

... you get a comfortable disaster recovery solution with support for networking(automaic LAN adapter detection), and even access to external memory storage media to USB2.0/Firewire1394 hard disk ().

... you are not fixed on a certain operating system. You can create or restore your images using any MS operating system like Vista/XP/2000/2003/NT/ME/98/95/WfW/DOS or the Bart PE BootCD or the Windows Preinstallation Environment or a simple Windows Vista Installation CD.

... IT-professionals need 100% secure, fast and error free working software!


  • NEW Disk to Image Turbo Mode(unused clusters/data on disk will not be copied):

Desktop PC 3GHz with basic Windows XP installation on a 300 GB Hard drive. 30 seconds to backup entire basic windows installation to an external connected USB hard drive! 

  • Sector by sector disk to disk clone mode:

Desktop PC with 300 GB hard disk and 280 GB data on it. 100 minutes to backup entire hard drive to an internal connected second hard drive!  

Hard disk copy functions-documentation

Information for non IT-specialists:

Using Powercopy you can copy an entire hard disk sector by sector (bit by bit,1:1) or an individual volume like "D:"or volumes " C: to E:"in one step!
After your disk crashes because of disk failure(smart errors) or virus a new time wasting reinstallation of your computer is not required! Just restore the backuped disk-image and you computer will start without any errors with the content exactly at the time you created the backup!
It is so easy. We suggest to create the backup images on external USB2.0 or FIREWIRE hard disk drives.

Example usage: Run Powercopy(pc32.exe) inside XP / Vista / 200x. After the Powercopy functions menu appears press '1' (HD->Image) to select source disk to backup, confirm entire copy mode. Select filename and location where to store the content of your hard drive. Enter an image comment. Confirm copying by use of 'TURBO' mode. That's all!  By the way. Powercopy works on ALL MS-WINDOWS personal computer operating systems!

Warp speed : 30 seconds to backup an entire Windows XP Installation even to an external connected USB2.0 or firewire hard drive!

Feature 2. Logical file transfer using the Powercopy parallel cable ! Available in Powercopy Logic and Professional PLUS only

Dateien kopieren mit dem Powercopy DirektverbindungskabelWhat is the Powercopy peer to peer file transfer feature in Powercopy Professional Logic(available in Professional PLUS too)?

Powercopy Professional Logic is an easy to use peer to peer and network fast file transfer program to exchange files without network cards between two PC's, using the parallel printer interface. It is in less than one minute installed.
Powercopy Pro Logic first release was in 1999. Powercopy is not the cheapest software, but the best.

Who needs Powercopy?
Powercopy is THE Tool  for all people, who have to save, backup, copy and restore data!

Where can I order Powercopy and what is the price?

Prices>> We accept Visa-Euro-Mastercard and PayPal for orders outside germany
What is the difference between Powercopy Pro-Logic and other peer to peer file transfer programs?

Compare yourself!      Powercopy <-versus-> USB-solutions

Virus: Virus infected computers connectet via network card can destroy your secure and very important data on every PC inside the network in a view milliseconds, because it's filesystems or its filecontents are visible to a virus.
Powercopy builts an firewall  between these two computers.
Powercopy has an inbuilt selftest which checks itself on every startup. Most virus will be detected here.

Check: Powercopy can also built a signature list of your files on harddisk, which can be checked whenever you want. With this tool you have the chance to detect some virus before this virus is recognized by anti virus detection programs.

Usage: Powercopy under Windows 9x has an powerfull and easy to use file transfer dialog, which is implemented as an plug in to the explorer. By pressing only five mouseclicks you can transfer files between two computers.

File selection - deselection: You can also select/deselect them using wildcards * and ?. Selecting according to date and time and filesize is also possible.

Different transfer modes: In case of difficult environment you have the manual possibility to lower or change the transfer handshake protocol.

Automatic configuration: Powercopy has an inbuilt auto configuration program, so that you needn't know about your current DMA IRQ and PORT resources. Under Windows Powercopy uses the current values of  DMA IRQ and PORT resources. Under DOS Powercopy configures your PNP-Bios resources, even if they are not configured.

Long filename support: Powercopy supports long filenames if used inside Windows. Powercopy and can also store the long filename part even if the receiving computer runs under DOS 5.x 6.x or DOS 7. (Update).

Additional useful tools: For people who has often to work with pure DOS or has to write script files Powercopy provides a DOS and or WINDOWS extenting parameters, which makes it more easier to delete files, change to or create directories by using wildcards (* ?) Real cool, isn't it!. If a match can't destinguish between two directories a selection dialog is shown.

For professional users: Powercopy command line parameters under DOS,WIN3.X and WIN9x/ME/NT4/2000/2003...

For normal users: Powercopy Dialogs under WIN9X/ME/NT/Win2000/XP...

File server funtionality: The professional version has an additional feature called fileserver funtionality.

What are the typical applications to use Powercopy file transfer feature? Some examples

Wow can I test Powercopy?

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