General business conditions of Datapower GbR, Germany

Release date 18. Nov 2000 - - - IBAN,BIC added 28.12.2006

The buyer is bound to his order according to the seller's offer (see also our URL in internet).
The seller's offer is without responsibility resp. engagement of the seller.

The delivery is practised according to the delivery-agreement of the due date (maturity).
If you have ordered via internet, the date of delivery is according to the date of offer, maximum 4 weeks.
Exception: The buyer is informed about a new date of delivery, if we can not deliver within one week.

In the case of paying in advance, we grant a discount of 5 % on the price of goods.

If there are made no other agreements, the payment must be done immediately after receiving the invoice (within 7 days). Interests for default of acceptance must be paid 4 % above the rate of discount of "Deutschen Bundesbank".
At orders more than 500 US$, there is to be paid a deposit (10 % of the goods value incl. German VAT).

Foreign countries:
In case of orders from forreign countries, the payment is to be done always via Creditcard (Visa/Master) or banking-transfer. Clearance of customs mut be paid by the buyer.

Pay in advance bank information:

Company name: Datapower GbR

for national transfers:

Name of bank: VR-Bank Lech-Zusam
Number of bank(Kontonummer): 72062152
Account no: 46930

for international transfers:


Other accepted methods of payment: PAYPAL(pay to and VISA(Credit-Card)

Tip: Use TIBANET form for transactions to lower the transaction fee.
All transaction fees or duty have to be paid by the customer.
Please add your name, address, invoice number/date(if available) to all of your payments.

Right of ownership
The goods are property of  the seller until all obligations of the contract are fulfilled.

Guarantee and conditions of licence
The guarantee will be valid 6 months after the date of invoice. A return delivery must be made within 10 days after receiving of the goods. Claims for responsibility can be made only, if the buyer is able to prove, that the seller committed gross negligence. The maximum refund is in all cases the price of goods. In all cases, no claim of any kind will be taken over by the seller. In the case of return-delivery of goods, the buyer must pay this transaction included all kinds of insurances. With this contract, the buyer achnowledges the conditions of guarantee and licence (EULA).

For our own products additional statements will be valid:
Tree times of bug fixing has to be allowed; Refer also to the additional license and guarantee terms of the respective software product.

Place of performance and domicile

Place of Performance is Gersthofen(Germany)
Domicile is Augsburg(Germany)