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SEPT 2007 
How to create a perfect disk clone or backup of a Windows 2000/2003 server !

Perfect server Backup

Live backups via VSS (Volume shadowing) never reach the quality of an backup done by an alternative start of an operating system, which should be the preferred backup of your server.

By use of Powercopy you have two options to get a perfect backup of your system. Both options, a Windows Boot-CD and the Powercopy BootCD are included in shipment by postal services!

This Windows Boot-CD is a alternative solution respect to the Powercopy BootCD. CD is bootable and contains a Mini-WINDOWS 2003 server OS.

Another advantage of both options is, that you does not have any problems with currently opened files, as with some products of our competitors.

By use of Powercopy you get a perfect server system backup!

FAQ and solutions for server and raid systems
by use of Powercopy
Powercopy FREEDOS Boot CD
Powercopy Windows Boot CD/DVD
access to HW Raid 0/1/5 drives
Raid drives will be shown at DOS level ( using controller BIOS INT13ext).
Copy raid drivers on external disk (Disk drive or USB2.0 frive ). These will be used on system startup.
SW-RaidCreate a image of your hole drive. Create a image of your hole drive.
extend/shrink partitionseven possible on raid systems
Extend start(boot)partition. Backup every partition als a single disk-image.
Build in new bigger drive. Restore Data partition first on a user definded position on your hard drive( inside of restore dialog). Afterwards restore start(boot)partition. Afterwards you can extend boot and data partition by use of diskpart.
Support of external USB2.0 hard disk drives

If BIOS not even supports USB2.0 devices you can enable an USB2.0 driver to backup or restore disk image files.
An external hard drive to store image files can be easy formatted to FAT32 file system by use of Powercopy shortcut key Ctrl+F10.

automate by script
as easy as backup
required version
Powercopy Professional PLUS single user or company license
You have to decide which CD(option) is the best for you.

FAQ and solutions on servers in combination with Powercopy
Live backup of an even started windows server (BootPartition)
Windows Servers by default have a two partition setup. One contains the operating system without user files and the other contains the data partition.
This start partition you can backup by use of Powercopy in seconds up to a few minutes.
Start Powercopy with administrative user level.
Create system backup of the starting partition by use of function "Partition -> IMAGE". Ignore warning that you are cloning a active System.'
Check backup by restore partition on a separate harddrive (internal or external).
Live Sicherung of an even started Windows Server (Data Partition) Disconnect server or user access from network. Stop database engines like Exchangeserver or other.
Start backup.
Check backup by restore partition on a separate harddrive (internal or external).


Powercopy FAQ: "Powercopy How to create a perfect Clone of backup of Windows Server 2000/2003!"