Installation / Uninstallation of Powercopy
Installation of Powercopy
Uninstallation of Powercopy
Cable connection
A) Usage of hard disk copy functions:
copy a hard drive to an image file HD-
Image file
harddrive copy
clear harddrive
Protect data of a Second hard disk HD-

B) Usage of the Powercopy parallel cable file transfer
Schneller Dateiaustausch mit dem Powercopy Direktverbindungskabel

Operational areas
Advantages of Powercopy
Common function overview, guaranteed program properties
Using W9x/NT/Win2000 explorer
Send dialog(Transfer Dialog)
Store/reload/delete of transfer profiles
Receiving files or folders (Receive dialog)
Preview- and resultlist
Transfer options (part 1)
Transfer options (part2)
Using DOS or the Windows cmd Box ( with commandline paramters, scriptable)
Command list
Difference between PURE-DOS and the Windows dos/cmd-box
File transfer: Send / receive with commandline parameters
File server functionality (professional Version only)
Overview about the special functions
Generating filelists, which can be checked later
File selection / deselection
How to set a date range
How to set a size range

New functions of Powercopy Version 2.0 / 2.1 and newer : see internet pages

New functions of Powercopy Version 1.3x :
  • Windows XP/ Freedos Support
  • Physical Harddisk backup local or via cabel.  PowerCopy Professional Plus only.
  • Added support for Winbond parallel Chipsets (Taiwan mainboards of ASUS and AOpen/GigaByte now also runs at Highspeed)
  • Change Directory Utility now also available at NT/2000/XP.
  • To easily solve transfer problems, we created Freedos  bootdisks, which can be downloaded including the 16 bit demo version of Powercopy.
  • Important hints!
    System requirements
    Transferspeed and hints if there are problems with the TURBO-MODE
    Worth kowing about Powercopy
    Print file utility

    The Powercopy help for version 1.2x