This is a simple and powerfull method to do an 100% verified installation of software, drivers or operatingsystems. Good for PC shops and service technicans.

The copy job is ordered by the destination pc itself (px.exe /get). The fileserver is in the receive mode here (pc.exe /r).
Server (Service Technician) Client (Customer's PC)

dos command line
pc /r pc /get @WINWORD@ /d d:\ww2000
Alias name translation table in file pc.ini at the receiver.
result The Fileserver itself sends the files found in the filelist at R:\WW2000b1.
( see generating filelists )
The client copies all received files to d:\ww2000\.....

The big advantage is that the receiver needn't  know where the files are located on the server. This is because the files are not  created until the data integrity of the files on the server is 100 % guaranteed!!!
For creating the 'pc.ini' file and using alias
names for transfers see: Alias Table Creation.