Transfer options part 2 (right side of sender dialog):

Other transfer options (left side of the sender dialog)

Select the overwrite mode

Overwrite only older files. Only files that are older at the receiver than the sender are transferred. Attention: Please ensure that both computers' time are nearly identical (Date/time/dayligtht savings) to avoid overwriting a newer file. 
Overwrite all files All files in the transfer list will be copied to the receiver. You won't be prompted for overwrite permission.
Overwrite and ask at every existing file. (default setting!). This option (at the receiver-side) prompts the user to overwrite the specific file(s).
Overwrite only non existing. Only files which do not exist at the receiver will be transferred. Note: Existing files will not be overwritten unless they are older than the file being sent.
Overwrite only different Only files which are different in date/time will be overwritten. Identical files (date/time) will not be transferred.

Select the transfer speed

Windows 95,98:

use Windows default checked: Powercopy uses the parallel port settings from the registry database. It may be that Powercopy cannot get these values on O/S's newer than Win98/2000.
not checked:  Powercopy uses it's internal PNP mechanism to obtain the current configuration of the parallel interface.
This field will be disabled  if only nonsense values are detected. In this case all other speeds (Turbo High and Medium) are not accessible.
Turbo By activating this checkbox Powercopy tries to use the ECP-DMA transfer mode. Please note that this mode does not work on all computers  because this mode is incorrectly implemented by some PC-manufacturers (Some PC manufacturer had implemented this mode by "good luck" engineering. On recently manufactured PC's this high speed mode is generally guaranteed to function.
High This is Powercopy's default speed selection. This mode doesn't need a DMA or an interrupt and uses the ECP Mode. The transfer speed is fast enough for the most tasks. Only if you want to transfer more than 100MB the Turbo Mode  should be selected. 
Medium This mode emulates the ECP transfer protocol. Here you can also do a file exchange with an older PC which has only the bi-directional capability. See Powercopy requirements.
LPT Info... Here you can see the resource settings detected by Powercopy from the Windows registry database.

Windows NT, 2000:
Only the High transfer speed is supported there.
You have to select the parallel port adress manually under NT.