Transfer options

File selection:
Here you can reduce the number of files transferred by enabling a file selection criteria. (e.g. '*','?' to select or deselect files (see description below) .

DOS command-line parameter for file selection/deselection: /f+ /f-  Example: pc.exe /t *.txt /f+ *.doc *.rtf  /f- aa*.doc aa*.txt aa*.rtf. This means that all files with the extensions of .rtf, .doc and .txt will be transferred, but not those which begin with aa and of type .doc, .txt and .rtf.
More examples:

pc /mlb a?.txt /f+ a??.txt
pc /mlb a?*.txt
pc /mlb *.txt /f+ a* /f- a*.txt
pc /cd ecp
pc /t e:\xt251\* /d d:\qqq

Allowed Wildcards: