Powercopy Professional PLUS (PRO-PLUS)

is THE computer maintenance and system backup solution.

hard drive copyfull system backup of your hard drive backup any partition of your hard driveshield disk - toggle aktive disk provides alternative use of different harddisk installations one computerentire erase hard drive or  partition content
harddisk copy
Computer to computer
harddisk clone via LAN
protective shield and
special backup
erase functions
all disk function using Powercopy cable


    support of external storage
    Boot using Windows or Dos Boot CD/Floppy...
    Features: complex harddisk or partition copy, clone, imaging and restore functions; complex disk erase functions;hard disk protective shield;special safety hard disk backup-method,
  • Supported medias: all hard disk devices like IDE(ATA, pATA, SATA), SCSI, 1394, USB harddrives, USB-Memory
  • Supported OS: all plus inbuilt special support for DOS/Windows WfW,Win 95/98/ME, Windows NT4(incl. Server) / 2000(incl. Server) / 2003(incl. Server), all XP versions even Bart XP-BootCD and XP-PE, Vista
  • UNIQUE! Two executables for every computer system: Delivery package contains
    32/64bit pc32.exe for Windows NT4 / 2000(incl. Server) / 2003/2008(incl. Server), XP, Vista, Windows 7; 32/64 bit version has special support for FAT and NTFS partitions resulting in ulta fast copy or imaging of computers.
    16/32 bit for DOS/Windows WfW,Win 95/98/ME;
  • Boot media support: CD, Floppy, USB-disk and flash devices on 16, 32 and 64 bit computers
  • NEW! hard disk quick formatter: Formats any even external drive in seconds with an entire FAT32 Partition upto 2000GB
  • NEW! Restore and clone partitions with partition extension: NTFS partitions can be expanded in seconds. Also a FAT partition resizing tool is included.
  • Powercopy Boot-floppydisk/ Boot-CD features:
    • Network support: Powercopy Boot CD contains autodetection of PCI-network adapters(incl. giga bit) and simple and quick connection to NETBEUI or TCP/IP network computers
    • Ultra DMA speed support: Yes, may be enabled to support older computers.
  • NEW Turbo scan mode: Speed! A basic Windows XP Installation can be cloned or imaged in less then 30 seconds.

License is for one user one server or for one service technican.
A service technican license allows to backup a computer only for repair purpose only, not for permanent computer disk or disk-image backup.

Powercopy Professional PLUS

contains the features of version HOME-CLONE

'Home Clone' features

  • "Washing"  of  hard disks / partitions to reduce the image file volume and runtime
  • Comparing source-data with  target-data (e.g. hard disk with image-file) as a 100% security to ensure that in case of a restore process the image-files are written correctly
  • Powercopy supports all MS-operating systems, Vista, XP down to DOS and OS/2  (BootCD/FD)
  • disk Read-Error-handling
  • Multilingual  (Languages English/German switchable on the fly)
and contains features of version Professional CLONE

'Prof. Clone' features

  • Creating of Image-files entire hard disks or partitions
  • Direct copying of partitions (partition to partition)
  • Copying of partitions 1:1 (cloning) and restoreing with choicable target partition region
  • Restoring of imagefiles to variable positions of hard disk
  • Creating and restoring image-files via network
  • Automated connection to a network under all MS-operating systems and DOS
  • Booting from USB memorysticks
  • Creating and restoring of imagefiles via USB memorysticks
  • Calculating volume of  imagefiles
    and contains features of version Professional LOGIC (DCC Direct Cable Connection / FILETRANSFER between two computers)


    'Prof. Logic' features

    • Logical transfer of folders and filses between 2 computers via PC-PC-direkt cable connection (parallel interface speed up to 1500000 Bytes per second)
    • simple to use logical file-exchange
    • File-signature and signature-check to protect against virus 
    • CRC32-checksum procedure to avoid that virus can be added.
    • all MS-operating systems supported Wfw 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP, DOS and OS/2; even mix of operating systems is allowed;
    • Drivers are included in Powercopy automatically
    • More than 100 single functions for controll transfer and selecting files     
- PLUS -
  • additional supported operating systems: Windows Server / dynamic disk support: Windows NT4(incl. Server) / 2000(incl. Server) / 2003(incl. Server)
  • All functions can be automated by script.
  • NEW and COOL for maintenance old computers! All harddisk copy clone and image features can be even done using the special Powercopy parallel cable which is not included to this partnumber(see #80000007) speed is about ~4GB/h.
  • NEW and COOL! Clone a hard drive of Computer A to Computer B via Network without the use of an image file just via network share!

In other words Powercopy provides all features to maintenance computers like full system backup, replacing hard drives by equal or bigger ones, enlarge or joining or moving FAT and NTFS partitions, disk data shredder .....

  • Licence for one (service)technician Purchase Powercopy Professional Plus
  • One year support and update by e-mail.
  • Free of charge german or english phone service inside europe!

Company / site license For a Powercopy Professional Plus company or site license, which allows disk clone and disk-imaging of all computers inside your company see here.

Delivery package contains Powercopy Boot and Installation CD 16/32 and 32/64 bit executables.

If you want to purchase this version inclusive the Powercopy cable see article number 80000007

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